5 tips for staying active and healthy

5 tips for staying active and healthy

  1. Warm up and warm up right. Make sure you don’t launch into that game of tennis or hit that long range free kick as hard as you can before warming up. Aim to build the intensity of your activity gradually. A couple gentle jogs around the tennis court or pitch is a good place to get your heart rate up. Follow with some more sport specific actions. For example if playing tennis do a few gentle range of movement exercises or stretches, then start with some gentle rallies in the service box before moving further back on the court as you gradually do more intensive parts of the sport.
  2. Preparation is key. This is more important in the weeks or months before you play. If you are a keen tennis player, golfer or even footballer think about adapting and increasing your sport focused exercise ready for the start of the season or when you might start playing regularly. Doing more focused pre-season or pre sport will help you play better and prevent injury.
  3. Avoid over training. Make sure you build up your activity levels gradually. Avoid going straight into that 5 set Wimbledon epic tennis match if it’s the first time you have placed this year. Start with shorter lighter intensity and build up time and intensity as you do more.
  4. Keep hydrated. Easy to forget but you should keep your whole body healthy particularly in hot weather. Stay hydrated and drink little and often through your activity.
  5. Keep your spine and body at its best. Finally, a good tip is to address any injuries or issues you have early. Make sure your body is in its best condition and avoid playing and reinjuring any niggles or issues you feel you have.

If you need more input into an injury, you might be carrying, or you just want to keep your spine at it’s best then give us a call. We can help with injuries or issues you might already be carrying or even better we can work with you to design a programme to prevent issues in the first place.

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