Spring-time Spine Health

Spring-time Spine Health

March has arrived with Easter now only a few weeks away and we turn our attention to the arrival of better weather; warmer temperatures, and less rain a well as Easter eggs. We have a lot of patients now venturing out into the garden after a long, wet winter. We want to make sure when you do step outside you look after your spine health.

Keep reading for 4 spring-time spine health tips.

  1. Warm up when you’re going to be active. This could be a few gentle stretches before taking on the gardening or a gentle jog before more vigorous exercise. Try to avoid going from the sofa straight to heavy or strenuous activity.
  2. Keep your spine aligned. When working outdoors or doing jobs around the house, try to keep your spine as upright as possible. Your spine is in a weak position when you bend forwards, made even worse if you start lifting or digging heavy loads in this hunched position.
  3. Chiropractic Adjustments for a Spring Tune-Up. Just as you might schedule a spring cleaning for your home, consider a chiropractic adjustment as a tune-up for your spine. Addressing any misalignments can enhance your body’s ability to function optimally. Our experienced chiropractors at Guildford Spine Centre are ready to guide you through personalized care, ensuring your spine is prepared to embrace the vitality of the season.
  4. Keep moving. Spring is a great time of year when we can all be outside more often so try and use this time to be more active. Spine health and general wellbeing is improved from increased activity. Do things gradually and be sensible and you will see health benefits in your body and spine.

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Thank you for entrusting us with your spinal health. We look forward to helping you spring into a season of vitality and joy!

Wishing you a spine-tingling spring,

The Guildford Spine Centre Team

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