Can chiropractor realign spine?

Can chiropractor realign spine?

Can chiropractor realign spine is a really good question. Chiropractors focus on restoring mobility and reducing pain through gentle specific adjustments that a lot of people associate with popping and cracking. This adjustment is to restore movement and stimulate the nerves through various mechanisms that improve pain, mobility and spinal function. The spine is not popped back into place with an adjustment, more encouraged to move and work the way it should normally.

Often we will work with patients on postural issues that improve overall postural imbalances through a combination of spine manipulation, home exercises and work on the soft tissues of the body like the muscles. This can help alignment, posture, movement and pain.

At the Guildford Spine Centre we work with patients to provide individualised plans to help achieve the goals of our patients together. Give us a call on 01483 808 868 or book now here.

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