Stir the pot planks for low back

Stir the pot planks for low back – Exercise of the Month

Stir the pot planks

Assume the plank position on a yoga ball – braced abs, glutes tight, you know the drill. From there, move your forearms in a circular fashion maintaining a rock solid position the entire time.

There should be as little movement in the lumbar spine, hips, and pelvis as humanly possible. If you have to widen your stance in order to do so, then do it. Conversely, if you want to make it more challenging, narrow your stance.

You have two options as far as duration is concerned: You can go for either time or desired repetitions – I go with repetitions. Perform six to eight FULL repetitions going in one direction, then switch, and repeat going in the other direction. You should definitely feel your core working by then end of those.

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