Will I need to come back to the Chiropractor?

Will I need to come back to the Chiropractor?

This is a common question I get from patients. We work through three stages of care when patients visit our clinic.

First is symptom relief,

That can be relieving pain, improving movement, reducing muscle tightness amongst other things.

Second is the rehab/correction phase

Where we work to get your spine in great shape and symptom free whilst returning to your activities. That can be resuming a sport, getting back to the gym or even playing with the grandkids.

Finally stage 3

Is about the longer term, keeping your spine healthy whilst preventing recurrences.

It is stage 3 that we will talk about. I like to use an analogy here, think about eating healthy or exercise. You don’t do that for a month, feel great, and then stop. When you stop these healthy habits, the gym or eating healthy you might still feel good for a period of time but we know that doesn’t last.

Moving through the phases of Chiropractic care you feel better, move better and get back to the activities you love. Once back to normal or even better than normal patients can fall back into old habits. Doing the long desk hours that aggravate a neck issue, lifting children at home niggling your lower back. By keeping up with healthy habits both at home through exercise and some simple lifestyle modifications plus the significant benefit of maintenance care with a Chiropractor you are doing the equivalent of eating healthy or regular exercise that is going to keep you feeling great, moving great and prevent problems coming back.

If you visit the clinic in the next month keep an eye on our patients, you’ll notice the patients that come in moving well, are generally happy, have a catch up and adjustment and leave happy. Those patients are almost certainly in stage 3 – maintenance care and feeling fantastic.

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