Skiing Safely with The Guildford Spine Centre

Skiing Safely with The Guildford Spine Centre

It’s that time of year where the ski poles and snow boots are coming out. Below are a few tips to keep your spine ski-ready before hitting the slopes!

Pre-ski advice
  • Improve your general health and fitness – Skiing is physically demanding therefore it is important to prepare your body beforehand. Building up your fitness can help strengthen your body and decrease the risk of injuries. Skiing puts a lot of pressure on the muscles around the hips so strengthening these muscles through squats, lunges and glute bridges is important. Improving your balance is also essential.
  • Right gear – Ensure you have all the necessary gear before heading out on the slopes. It is vital to have the well-fitted ski boots that provide support and stability. Clothing should not be restrictive to allow you to maneuverer the slopes.
  • Learn how to fall right – Falling when skiing is inevitable so make sure you’re prepared and get it right. Avoid reaching your arms out, leaving you vulnerable to wrist and shoulder injuries. Through lessons, you can learn to land and roll the right way to avoid cutting your skiing holiday short due to injuries.
  • Don’t just sit there – Exercising through squats, core exercise and cycling is also good to build the right muscles.
  • It’s a balancing act – Balance is the single most important factor in skiing. Use a wobble board to improve balance and build up ankle muscles. For a thorough ankle work-out, rocking heel to toe is good for snowboarders and left to right is best for skiers.
Out on the slopes
  • Warm up & cool down – Spend 10-15 minutes warming up before taking off to help activate muscles and cooling down after to reduce soreness.
  • Wear a helmet – Head injuries are a rare but serious injury from skiing, using a helmet minimises the risk of a serious injury
  • Know your limits – Most injuries occurs at the end of the day, when people try to get one last run in, stop when you’re feeling tired or in pain. Take plenty of breaks to avoid overexertion and take the lift at the end of the day
  • Carry equipment properly – Always be careful when carrying skis/boards. Leave them standing upright so you don’t have to bend to pick them up. Carry them over your shoulder, swapping shoulders regularly
  • Avoid alcohol – Drink plenty of water and isotonic drinks whilst out on the slopes and avoid alcohol, tea and coffee to help prevent dehydration
  • Seek help in case of injuries – Resist the temptation to carry on after an injury and get it checked out, no matter how minor the injury.

If you have any niggles before you hit the slopes or come back carrying any issues then give The Guildford Spine Centre a call and we can help work through your problems and get you out on the piste as soon as possible and injury free.

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