How do I stop sciatica?!

How do I stop sciatica?!

This is one question I often get in clinic, how to I prevent my sciatica from returning or even stop sciatica happening in the first place.

The best place to start is with sciatica itself, not the leg pain but understanding what sciatica is. Sciatica is pain along the sciatic nerve, this can be anywhere from the low back, buttocks all the way to the foot. It can be caused by various issues but by far the most common is a problem with one of the lower back discs in the spine.

The disc bulges and irritates or compresses one of the exiting nerve roots in the low back and this is what sets off that excruciating pain. Although not all cases of sciatica present the same or have the same cause. There are some common themes which will help me explain the things to avoid to look after your back.

Often sciatica is started with bending and lifting of heavy items with poor posture.

Sciatica is made worse when sitting or lying down in a slouched position

I have seen lots of cases of sciatica after being in the gym and doing squats and deadlifts.

Do’s and don’ts of sciatica:

Do lift heavy items by bringing them close to your body, even better lighten the load and do more trips instead.

Do lift with your legs whilst keeping your back straight or even slightly arched

Don’t sit for long periods particularly avoid long periods of slouching.

Do ensure you pay close attention to your technique in the gym, I always recommend not going too deep into a squat or deadlifting off blocks so the weight is about 6 inches higher off the ground than it otherwise would be.

Do exercise! Exercising helps maintain muscle tone, endurance and strength all key aspects of looking after your spine. Even doing cardio will help prevent back issues.

If you want to prevent sciatica or if you have sciatica and are around Guildford let us help, you know where to find us.

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