Clinic Closure – Coronavirus Update

Clinic Closure – Coronavirus Update

The Guildford Spine Centre Corona Update 23/3/2020 – CLINIC CLOSURE

To all our patients, friends and family,

It has been a difficult time with coronavirus starting as a mild concern in the back of our minds to now being at the forefront of almost everything we do. It has dramatically changed our lives and had a significant impact on the clinic.

The Guildford Spine Centre has been open since 2014 which started with me running reception and treating patients to building to become a thriving clinic with two Chiropractors and full time reception staff. Over this time our patients have always been central to what we do and the decisions we make. We appreciate everyone who has walked through our door and hope we have helped many, to a pain free, fuller life with our input and treatment.

We have watched the corona situation carefully to judge how we handle this crisis whilst also serving our patients and maintaining our business.

To this end, it is with a heavy heart and much sadness that we will be closing the clinic from Tuesday 24th March 2020 indefinitely.

This is to protect our patients, staff and their families and to do our part to help those on the front line in our hospitals and ICU’s and do our part to save lives by slowing the spread.

We have endeavoured to have the most thorough cleaning and disinfecting routine as possible. We have taken numerous measures to separate patients and minimise contact. However, we can not be 100% sure that the virus would not be passed on, the only way to ensure this is to close our doors and give it one less avenue of transmission.

We will continue to be active; like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Youtube channel and check out our Instagram. I plan to keep updating regularly with tips, advice, and general updates through life in isolation.

We will still be at the end of the phone or an email if you need help. I am exploring ways to offer online consultations and advice for new and existing patients and will update in due course.

Writing this message leaves me with a heavy heart, our clinics both in Guildford and London will close their doors for the first time in 6 and 10 years respectively. Be assured what we will be back, we will get through this as a community if we look out for each other.

As difficult as these times are, I want to finish with some positivity. I will be using my time (now that I have a lot of it!) to spend with my family, pursuing ideas that I have never found the time to do and trying to learn more than the first two lines of Wonderwall on my hardly played guitar. Write a list, all the things that you haven’t had the time for, the DIY projects, the business ideas, the hobbies you have always put off. Then DO THEM! Get fit, paint the walls, put the shelves up, declutter the loft or just read that book to your children because that’s what I’m going to do.

(If my wife reads this, I can’t guarantee all the DIY will get done!).

Stay safe and healthy,

Alex and the Spine Centre Team

See you on the other side.

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