Back pain in Golf

Back Pain in Golf

Low back pain accounts for 1/3 of golfing injuries

Low back injuries include muscular strains, ligamentous sprains, disc injuries and facet joint irritation. Other common golfing injuries include injury to the elbow (7-27%), shoulder (4-19%) and wrist (10%).

Golf is a more dangerous sport than Rugby!

Golf has an injury rate of 1.8 per thousand persons per year as opposed to 1.5 per thousand persons per year in rugby

Tips on reducing low back pain & improving your golf swing:

Warm up before teeing off, to help prevent injuries. Stretching and swinging a golf club helps activate the muscles ready for the course

Be mindful of your back when carrying your golf bag. Bend from the knees when lifting. Consider using an electric caddy to get around

Ensure your shoes allow you to walk around the course and provide a good foundation for your posture. They should be supportive and help avoid twisting the back and hips

Swing with a neutral posture to minimise the loads and stresses on your back

See a musculoskeletal healthcare professional to help reduce symptoms, improve mobility and function. Research has shown chiropractic care improves full-swing performance!

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