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Chiropractor in Guildford Services

Consultation and Examination with the Chiropractor in Guildford

The consultation is the first time you will meet our Chiropractor in Guildford. We will ask you to fill out a few forms with respect to details about yourself, including any previous medical problems. It is important to know all of your health history to get to the bottom of your current issues. Completing the paperwork will not take more than a few minutes. The Chiropractor will only discuss your information with you and all your details will be kept strictly confidential.

After the consultation the Chiropractor in Guildford Spine Centre will carry out the examination. The Chiropractor may ask you to wear a gown to evaluate your issues. A variety of thorough orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests examining the joint, nerves and muscles of the body will be performed until the cause of your problem has been identified.

Further Imaging with our Chiropractor in Guildford
After the examination there are rare cases where an x-ray or MRI scan may be necessary. These circumstances are rare and we only refer to take x-rays in specific instances. In most cases do not need further tests. There are no X-ray facilities on site so for further tests you will be referred to a facility where these can be done.

Upon completion of the examination our Chiropractor will explain a diagnosis of your problem and a plan of management to alleviate your symptoms. Our Chiropractor will give recommendations to improve your health and achieve your health goals at this point. Anything you don’t understand please ask the Chiropractor is more than happy to go through it again with you. At this point and if appropriate, we will offer treatment to start you on your journey to better health.

We work through 3 phases for your care:

Pain relief
Once the Chiropractor identifies cause of the problem we will aim get you out of pain as quickly as possible. This happens through the relief phase of care. Some people will only want to be out of pain and get back to their normal activities and we are happy to help you achieve this goal. Here we want to keep you healthy well into the future so you do not have to go through the pain you were experiencing again. This is where the second and third phases are crucial.

Correction & Rehabilitation
In this stage the treatment frequency of treatment with Alex the Chiropractor in Guildford drops. More emphasis is placed on completing some easy home exercises and stretches. This will stretch and strengthen your body to get you at your best. You can be strong in some of the large muscles in your spine but still weak in the smaller key stabilising muscles of the back, a strong back is a healthy back.

Maintenance and Preventative Care
Here the aim is to maintain the improvement you have had with treatment and prevent recurrences of your problems. It is easy with today’s lifestyle, poor posture, hectic schedules and life’s stresses to leave you open to further injury. Alex recommends maintenance care to combat this, “like a regular dentist check up this should happen when you are not in pain”. Alex tells us “Any problems can be corrected before they become painful and you end up back where you started.”

A typical chiropractic visit will require less time than the initial appointments.

With the groundwork laid we can assess the condition of your spine, nervous system and muscles, complete a treatment and get you on your way. We understand that your time is valuable and we do everything possible to minimise the impact on your busy life. Alex will take longer with treatment time if required. A standard treatment session with the Chiropractor lasts 10-15 minutes. In our experience and to increase the efficiency of your day this is done in your clothes so you feel most comfortable.

Techniques used will be similar to those in the first session including manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work. Alex will give you exercises and stretches to rehabilitate the spine as you improve.

“Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before.”

At The Guildford Spine Centre we believe that treatment is very much a partnership between you and us (the Chiropractor). Therefore if you have any queries about a particular treatment technique please inform Alex. He will can put you at ease or modify the treatment accordingly.