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Alex Symington (D.C) – Guildford Chiropractic

Alex has practiced for a number of years and now brings his Chiropractic expertise to Guildford;
‘I graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters degree in Chiropractic. Keeping up to date with the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques in Chiropractic has always been a priority. I would like to share my Guildford Chiropractic profile’.

My Chiropractic Experience

I have previously practiced in North West London building good relationships with the local community. I enjoy helping a large number of people with a variety of problems immensely. I then moved on to establish a now thriving practice in Camden Town, North London.
After a number of years in Camden Chiropractic I made the big decision to move to Surrey. This was both to build on my experiences in London and to become the best Chiropractor Guildford. As well as to build a clinic that can provide for all the needs of my patients.

I cannot think of a better location to establish long lasting links with the community. In an area that is so idyllic and close to the countryside of Dorset where I am originally from. I look forward to the future in Guildford and The Guildford Spine Centre.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can. If you know somebody who might need our help, please let them know today.

A bit about myself

I grew up in the South of England after living in a variety of places through my childhood including the Cayman Islands and Jersey. After being inspired to join the chiropractic profession suffering an injury to my neck whilst playing rugby at school, because I went to make a tackle in a match and made the classic error of getting my head on the wrong side and ended up getting hit on the head and injuring my neck, I haven’t done that in a hurry again! Suffering for years with pain, stiffness and my neck constantly ‘cracking’ was not enjoyable. Then eventually my mum sent me to see the Chiropractor.

Mothers always know best! After few sessions and my neck was so much better, the pain was gone and the cracking had stopped, my one regret was that I didn’t go earlier. To prevent any recurrence of my issues I still maintain regular check-ups with a Chiropractor to this very day.

Sports are a big part of my life, I classify myself as an enthusiast, playing rugby for many years and still enjoy playing tennis, football and keeping active. I enjoy being active and it comes with the job – not only do I want my spine to be at its best thanks to Chiropractic. To stay healthy I exercise and encourage healthy living which is something which can be very difficult when you’re mixed up in the hectic lifestyle of today.

A final word on my approach at The Guildford Spine Centre a Guildford Chiropractic Clinic

“Not only do I want to get people out of pain but I want to encourage a healthier and vitalistic approach to health – why be mediocre when you could be at your best?”

Start your journey to better health and well-being today.
Realise your full health potential with The Guildford Spine Centre – Guildford Chiropractic Clinic.
Your premier Guildford Chiropractor.

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Alex Symington - Guildford Chiropractic

Alex Symington – Guildford Chiropractic