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Thought of the day – Chiropractor Guildford

It has been a busy few weeks at the Guildford Spine Centre – Chiropractor Guildford. We have seen a number of new patients seeking our help, some in worse shape than others. I have met a number of interesting people and had the satisfaction of helping them. There has been an influx of back and neck pain patients and I am more than happy to help them on a path to better heath, both in the short term and long term.

At The Guildford Spine Centre – Chiropractor Guildford we offer both relief care to make the problem feel better. We also offer corrective care to address underlying issues that will improve overall well being. All healthcare is now looking at preventative medicine as opposed to curative. This has been show to be the most effective in both cost and quality of life.

There is also going to be an exciting addition to The Guildford Spine Centre, watch this space for further details.

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Desk work means 3 in 4 of us have back pain by Chiropractor Surrey

With modern life revolving around our computers, laptops and tablets it comes as no surprise that three-quarters of the population now suffer with low back pain a recent study by the British Chiropractic Association shows.

Less common now is back pain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, although they still cause back pain, a sedentary lifestyle is far more likely to cause back pain. This includes everyday activities like lounging in front of the TV or spending too long in bed.

It won’t surprise any office worker that 82 percent of people now spend six hours or more a day in front of a computer screen, a further 49 percent in the survey admit spending two to six hours a day watching TV.

In the survey 77 per cent of people surveyed said they were currently or have in the past experienced back pain. 24 per cent said they suffer pain on a daily basis.

As a Chiropractor Surrey we advise sitting at your desk as straight as possible, arms close to your body and the top of your computer screen level with your eyes. Your seat base should be tilted slightly forwards allowing your knees to be lower than your hips and feet flat on the floor. Talking regular breaks is also important and mobilising by walking a reasonable distance at a mid pace walk.

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